Jungerts Sweet Brewed Tea is easy to mix. Just add the appropriate amount of water to Jungerts Sweet Brewed Tea concentrate. Follow the mixing instructions on the label or see our chart on the right. You may also choose to add lemon, mint or your favorite garnish and ta-da, you have refreshing tea that tastes home-made. Now you just have to sit back and enjoy!

We will be adding new recipes and invite you to send us ideas on how you enjoy our sweet tea.

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To Make This Much Tea Use This Much Jungerts Tea Concentrate Add Water To Make
1 Quart 2/3 Cup 1 Quart
2 Quarts 1 1/3 Cup 2 Quarts
1 Gallon 2 2/3 Cup 1 Gallon
3 Gallons 2 Quarts 3 Gallons
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